A Proud Moment- My own column in a Malayalam Magazine… :-)

A month back, had someone asked me about the Malayalam agricultural magazine, Harithabhoomi, I would have given a blank look. Being away from Kerala, I hardly get to lay my hands on any Malayalam magazine. So imagine my surprise, when Dr Francis Xavier enquired if I was open to the idea of writing a column on cookery in the magazine. My first reaction was WHAT???? ME??? The last time I wrote Malayalam literature was probably for my 10th grade exams. But, I must say, he was quite encouraging and asked me to give it a shot. In-spite of all that, I was still in two minds and had almost given up the idea of writing the article, when my BIL, Jeff called and asked me not to let go off this opportunity. Boy!! He sure was convincing !!
After getting approval of the article from my loved ones, I sent the article to Dr Francis with the condition that it be scrapped if not up to the mark. He promptly gave the green signal and as they say “Rest is history”.
I would like to thank Dr. Francis Xavier and his team at Harithabhoomi for giving me this opportunity. Words are just not enough. Also my sincere thanks to all my loved ones for all the support and encouragement. I do sound like some Miss World/Universe Winner. Don’t I?? Well I guess that’s what I feel like right now…. On top of the World… :-).
So here I am, presenting my first article, to all my readers who can read Malayalam. Rest of the readers may please forgive me. I just couldn’t help sharing with you guys.

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