Apple Cider

Those who just missed a heartbeat reading the word ‘Apple Cider’ in your ingredient list, need not fret. It ain’t Rocket Science. Let me impart some of my newly acquired knowledge with you 🙂 . Apple cider (also called sweet cider or soft cider) is the name used in the United States and parts of Canada for an unfiltered, unsweetened, non-alcoholic beverage made from apples. It may be opaque due to fine apple particles in suspension and may be tangier than conventional filtered apple juice, depending on the apples used.

In short, all you have to do is wash, clean and core the apples.

Chop them up and put them in a blender to blend into a fine pulp. 

Sieve the pulp through a cheese cloth/muslin cloth. The collected juice you are looking at is the Apple cider. 

See, that wasn’t all that difficult right. 🙂 You can enhance the flavour by adding cloves or cinnamon or lemon juice or ginger… the choice is yours.  You can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for upto 7 days.  I seriously doubt if you are going to let it last that long. 🙂 It is said that 36 apples can give upto 3.5 litres of cider.  I got about 700 ml cider from 7-8 apples (Oops!!… I forgot to count) and it was over in no time 🙂

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