Super Soft Yeast Doughnuts with Boston Cream Filling

I have always been following my Cake Doughnut recipe for my son D, who is very fond of Doughnuts. Sometime back, while having the store bought doughnuts, he asked me if I could make something …

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Krofne- Albanian Doughnuts

Krofne, also known as Krafne, Krofi etc are doughnuts with fillings. The name comes from German Krapfen, and it is a variation of the Central European pastry, known as Berliner.(Source: Wikipedia) After seeing this dessert being prepared in a TV show, I was tempted to try it out. The result was a not-so-sweet airy doughnut. I used Chocolate ganache as filling. Both my boys loved it. I followed the recipe from MKR but halved the recipe. The recipe I’m sharing is the original one.

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Chocolate Stuffed Eggless Doughnut

It has been a while since I made Chocolate Stuffed Doughnuts. I followed the recipe of Eggless Doughnut that I got from the net and gave a slight twist by stuffing it with thick chocolate sauce. The doughnuts can be either fried or baked. I baked these doughnuts. Here’s the recipe Chocolate Stuffed

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