Vishu Recipes

Avial (Mixed vegetables with ground coconut)

Avial is an essential dish of any Vegetarian feast. Avial is a mixture of vegetables cooked with ground coconut. The typical avial consists of Yam, Brinjal, Drumsticks, Plantain, Long beans, Ash Gourd and Snake gourd. Nowadays we can find that carrots, potatoes and french beans are also used. Raw ma

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Beetroot Pachadi (Grated beetroot cooked with ground coconut and curd)

Pachadi is a traditional side dish of South India similar to the North Indian Raita. One can find a lot of variations like Mango Pachadi, Pineapple Pachadi, Beetroot Pachadi etc. The recipe I am giving here is of Beetroot Pachadi, which is really appealing to the eyes. This curd based dish is very r

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Puliyinji/Inji Curry (Tangy,sweet and spicy Ginger Relish)

Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala is celebrated by all Keralites, irrespective of the religion. No Onam is complete without the Onasadya, a vegetarian feast comprising of rice and an array of dishes followed by desserts known as Payasam. The vegetarian dishes include Erissery, Pulissery, Kaalan,

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Cheera Aviyal (Red Amaranth and Raw mango with Grated coconut)

Red Amaranth leaves, known as Chuvanna Cheera in Malayalam, is a popular leafy vegetable of South as well as some parts of North India. Cooked Amaranth greens is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and some dietary minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, copper, and manganese. (Courtesy: Wik

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Pulissery/Moru Curry (A Curry made with Buttermilk and Ground Coconut)

Moru is the Malayalam word for Buttermilk. This curry is a blend of Buttermilk/Curd with ground coconut and cooked vegetables like yam, raw plantain, ash gourd etc. This is one of our favourite Kerala curries, which goes well with rice. This curry is made at almost all Keralite households even thoug

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Cabbage Thoran (Stir fried cabbage with grated coconut)

I have mentioned earlier that J isn’t too particular about variety when it comes to food. In other words, give him typical Kerala food everyday and he is a happy man 🙂 I just love the way his face lights up when he sees the Kerala spread. A typical Kerala meal consists of brown rice, a curry dish,

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