Spice Mix

Kolhapuri Masala Powder

Today, as I sat down to clear all the used pictures from my camera storage card, I came across some pictures. That’s when I realised that some of the recipes from my collection haven’t seen …

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Andhra Gun Powder/ Kandi Podi

It was during our stay in Secunderabad that I was introduced to Andhra Gun Powder. I was a bit amused hearing the name and was expecting it to be really hot. Surprisingly, it wasn’t. Rice …

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Malvani/Malwani Masala

My first cooking experiment of this year was Malvani Mutton Sukka. One of the key ingredients to make this dish is the Malvani Masala. This spice powder can be used to prepare any vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dish.

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Goan Recheado Masala

Usually when we buy fish, I fry it the traditional Kerala Style. But this time, I had already made up my mind on trying the ‘Goan Style’. I had heard a lot about the Recheado Masala. As usual, I searched my favourite blog, Goan Food Recipes. I was under the impression that it would take a long time to prepare this. It turned out that all I had to do was, to assemble all the ingredients and grind. Voila !! The Masala was ready 🙂 I halved the recipe and tweaked it a bit to suit my liking. I used…

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Karaikudi Masala Powder

Here is the recipe of Karaikudi Masala Powder that can be used in preparing vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes. Karaikudi Masala Powder Source: My Southern Flavours

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Goda Masala (Maharashtrian Spice Blend)

Goda Masala is a popular Maharashtrian spice blend, which is commonly used in Maharashtrian cuisine. I got the recipe from Pan Gravy Kadai Curry. Goda Masala (Maharashtrian Spice Blend) Source: Pan Gravy Kadai Curry

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