Meditteranean Recipes

Kataifi Rolls/Kadaif Rolls

Kataifi is a Mediterranean dessert. It is a pretty much similar to sweets like Baklava, Kunafah etc. Kataifi is a crispy roll coated with lemon-scented sugar syrup. It has a filling of coarsely ground nuts, …

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Kataifi Dough

I love Mediterranean desserts like Baklava, Kunafah, Kataifi etc. There was a time when I used to crave for Kunafah, especially after seeing pictures of it on social media. Unfortunately there weren’t any good places …

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Pickled Eggs with Beetroot

Couple of weeks back, we were getting ready to go for a short vacation. As any home minister, I was trying to wind up my kitchen. D isn’t particularly fond of eggs. So making a …

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