Microwave Dishes

Eggless Coffee Cake (Microwave Version)

Eggless Coffee Cake was something I had tried few years back. As I am not particularly fond of microwave cooking, I hadn’t attempted it after that. Recently, one of my friends spotted the picture of it in my Facebook timeline and asked for the recipe. This was followed by a few more requests. That’s when I decided to make it again. It took some time for me to recollect the source of the recipe but finally managed to find it. The recipe I followed is from Apy Cooking. I decorated the cake with coffee flavoured whipped cream and chocolate sauce….

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Rawa/Sooji Laddoos (Sweet Semolina Balls)

With the festival of lights right at the doorstep I was totally upbeat and in high spirits. What better way to welcome Diwali than to make some homemade desi sweets. The search for the sweet of my choice zeroed onto Semolina/Rawa/Sooji Laddoo, the recipe of which I found at ‘Wining and Dining the In

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Cantaloupe Quick Bread

Here’s good news for all the ‘Cantaloupe Haters’ like me.. 🙂 Yeah!! You read it right…I meant Cantaloupe a.k.a Muskmelon ‘haters’. You must be wondering if I have gone crazy…. Definitely Not. I am just overjoyed by the fact that I found a way to consume the Cantaloupe lyingon my countertop It

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