Crab Recipes

Crab Risotto

The dilemma I face when it comes to cooking food, is to strike a balance between the liking of my boys. While J is fond of Indian food, preferably authentic Kerala cuisine, D is a stark contrast. So the deal I struck between them is to cook the food of their choice on alternate days 🙂 Lately as J has to do a lot of travelling, I try my experiments with other cuisine while he’s away. My latest experiment was making Risotto. Risotto is an Italian dish in which rice is cooked in stock to a creamy consistency. After going…

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Singapore Chilli Crab

Singapore Chilli Crab. The mere mention of it takes me back to 2007, where I got to taste it for the first time. While doing my research before the travel, I had read the Singapore Chill Crab is a must-try. Being a foodie that definitely topped my to-do list. After placing the order, we sat there, e

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Spicy Crab Roast

Eating crab is always a messy affair and hence we hesitate to help ourselves with the same while eating out. That’s not the case at home. One can get as messy as one likes. January- February is the ideal time to buy crabs as they have more flesh in it as compared to rest of the year. I got some 3 sp

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Crab Masala

Here’s the recipe of Crab Masala. Hope you enjoy this dish !!! Crab Masala

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Njandu Ularthiyathu (Stir fried Crab)

I have professed our love for seafood in my earlier post. During our recent trip to Kerala, we managed to get hold of some Crabs as well. Two things were on my mind at that time. One, our growling tummies and the second, you, my readers. Well..I had to put up one crab recipe at least. Had we not bee

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