Karnataka Recipes

Southekayi Majjige Huli (Cucumber in Curd based Gravy)

Few days back, when I went to my dear friend R’s house, she made me taste a dish she had prepared for lunch. Though I had heard of Majjige Huli a lot of times, this …

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Donne Chicken Biryani

Ever since we moved to Bangalore, I have been hearing a lot about Donne Biryani. On digging further, I came to know the reason behind the name Donne. The bowls/plates made from Areca nut Palm …

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Dukra Maas/ Bafat Pork

As a child, I wasn’t particularly fond of pork dishes because I used to dislike the fat. This continued till I went to college. During my studies in Mangalore, I used to visit my aunt during weekends. During one such visit, a pork curry was prepared. I was a bit hesitant to have it but still went ah

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Goli Baje/ Mangalore Bajji

I was introduced to the snack known as Goli Baje during my college days. We were served goli baje as a tea time snack. It is a popular snack in Karnataka and is also known as Mangalore Bajji. Here is the recipe. This snack is pretty much similar to pakoda but one needs to make the batter a few hours

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Mysore Pak – Soft Version

Today as soon as I woke up from my beauty nap, D asked “Mama, Can you make some Mysore Pak for me, please. The soft one please??” Well, that was a rare request from him as usually its either brownies, doughnuts etc. With Diwali right at the corner, I couldn’t wait to try it. The last time I made Mysore Pak was when I was a student. Hence, I had butterflies in my stomach while preparing it. Thankfully they turned out just fine

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Mangalore Fish

Seafood…That was one of the must have’s in our list before heading home. Back in Agra, the chances of getting fresh fish of our choice was next to none. So, the trip to Kerala was double whammy. We get to meet our near and dear ones and eat seafood to our heart’s content. Another aspect for me was

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