Oven Baked Waffles

D’s college closed due to coronavirus. As all his friends left for their home towns, he too came home, albeit with a list of dishes I had to make for him. His first request was …

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Coorg Kadumbuttu/Kadambuttu (Steamed Rice Balls)

?Kadumbuttu is one of the most popular dishes of Coorg. The best accompaniment for Kadumbuttu is the much famous Pandi Curry, which is a spicy, tangy, flavourful Pork curry.

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Kothu Parotta/Porotta

Kothu Parotta is a popular street food of Tamil Nadu. This dish is made of shredded Porotta/Parotta mixed with masala and vegetables/meat/egg. It’s an interesting way of using up your leftover porottas/rotis. The recipe I have given has eggs in it. However, you can make it using vegetables or meat as well. This dish should be eaten hot.

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Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa is a crepe commonly made in Karnataka. The word Neer means water in Kannada. This crepe is usually served as a breakfast dish. Unlike Dosa, the batter doesn’t require fermentation. This goes well with any curry or chutney.

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