Crab Risotto

The dilemma I face when it comes to cooking food, is to strike a balance between the liking of my boys. While J is fond of Indian food, preferably authentic Kerala cuisine, D is a stark contrast. So the deal I struck between them is to cook the food of their choice on alternate days 🙂 Lately as J has to do a lot of travelling, I try my experiments with other cuisine while he’s away. My latest experiment was making Risotto. Risotto is an Italian dish in which rice is cooked in stock to a creamy consistency. After going…

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One aspect I like about sending lunch/snacks for D to school is the feedback. One can’t get a more honest feedback. I always look forward to hear the feedback, especially when I send something new. Getting positive feedback encourages me even more to try new dishes. After receiving appreciation for the brownies I had sent the other day, I decided to make Biscotti. This has been in my to-do list for a while. The preparation of the dish is very easy. However, the baking takes a while. But trust me, it’s all worth the effort when you bit into those…

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