Homemade Ghee (Clarified Butter)

The layer of cream that forms on hot milk is generally hated by kids of all ages and so does my son D. It was a mothers’ genuine quest to put this rich cream into alternate use that made me stumble on this idea of homemade ghee or clarified butter. Moreover, it is a great respite to your constant worry of adulterated food. So whenever the cream forms, I collect it and accumulate it in a refrigerator. In a week or two I get sufficient cream to start the process of conversion. The process is pretty much simple and is an ongoing one in my kitchen

Pour all the collected cream into a bowl and blend it with a hand mixer. Alternatively, you can use a blender to achieve the same result

Beat till it becomes really thick as shown in the picture

Pour lots of cold water into the bowl. You can see that the butter starts to float

Carefully remove the butter using a slotted spoon and pour into a pan. Place the pan on low heat. Stir occasionally.  After a while you can see that the scum and ghee will start to separate

Once the scum turns slightly golden as seen in the picture, switch off the heat. Strain the ghee through a strainer into a clean and dry bottle. Your pure ghee is ready

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