Boiled and cooled water

Star Fruit Wine/ Carambola Wine

It’s been almost an year since my last post. There were times when I so badly wanted to get back into action, but, one or the other issue cropped up. Now that I’m free, I …

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Jack Fruit Wine/ Chakkappazham Wine

This time while returning from our Kerala trip, my MIL sent almost 2 kgs of jack fruit. With J, leaving for Delhi the next day, I felt that we won’t be able to finish off …

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Orange Wine

?Even though I don’t consume wine, lately I have making different varieties of wine. My latest attempt is Orange Wine, a recipe which was given by Lilian aunty, our family friend. The oranges used in this wine are small, loose jacket oranges. The picture you see above were taken soon after bottling. Hence the cloudy look. As it rests, the wine will get clarity.
Here are a few pointers one needs to keep in mind. The jars and bottles used for wine making should be sterilised and free from moisture. Always use coloured bottles to store wine.?

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