Eggless Moist Carrot Cake

One can find a lot of substitutes for egg, on the net. The list of substitutes includes curd, banana, flax seed powder etc. However, I was apprehensive of recommending something without actually trying it out. Few days back, while chatting with a friend of mine, she said that she was looking for an eggless version of Carrot Cake. I almost suggested to try my Moist Carrot Cake, but realised that I couldn’t possibly recommend without trying the eggless version myself. Having decided to follow the same recipe, I chose to use Flax seed powder as a substitute. The result was…

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Bread Halwa

    Catching up with friends is something all of us look forward to. Last week was one such occasion. We got to host our dear friends after a long wait. It was decided that …

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Kasi Halwa (Ash Gourd/Winter melon Halwa)

Last week, we had attended a function, wherein we had tiffin meals. All the items served there was new to me as it was a typical Tamil feast. The first item served was a sweet. On enquiring with my friends, I was told that it is Kasi Halwa. I loved he taste so much that I had made up my mind to try

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Coconut Laddoos with Condensed Milk

If you have to have to whip up something sweet in a jiffy, Coconut laddoo is a very good option. All you need would be a tin of condensed milk and freshly grated or desiccated coconut in stock. If using desicatted coconut, the laddoos will last for 3-4 days, under refrigeration. Coconut Laddoos wit

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Gujiya/Karjikkai Recipe by Mareena Jerrish

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Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is one of the easiest rice recipes. This is an ideal option for those looking for a variety in their rice dish. It is also a great way to use up your leftover rice and present it in a tastier way. 🙂

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Makhmali Paneer

Makhmali Paneer is one dish I tried for the first time and fell in love with. What’s best about this recipe is that it doesn’t call for any fancy ingredients, is supereasy to prepare and tastes yummmmm This is yet another Tarla Dalal special… 🙂

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Parippu Payasam/ Parippu Pradhaman (Mung bean lentils cooked with jaggery and Coconut Milk)

Payasam or Pradhaman is one of the must have desserts of any Kerala Sadya, a vegetarian feast. There are varieties of pradhamans like Ada Pradhaman, Parippu Pradhaman, PaaladaPradhaman etc. The recipe I am sharing here is that ofParippu Pradhaman,made with Mung bean lentils cooked with Coconut mi

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Shahi Paneer

Lately, life has become hectic as I am busy packing for our move next month. The funny part is that while I am trying to pack, my mind drifts towards the blogpost and while I am in front of the computer, the thought of packing takes center stage….. 🙂 Even though I tried a lot of recipes from var

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