Chilli powder

Egg Biryani

I have made no bones about my fondness for Biryani. Today, I was in the mood to make Biryani but wanted to try something different and that’s when I spotted the eggs. So Egg Biryani it is… Didn’t take me long to find the apt recipe from Sailu’s Kitchen. It is definitely a recipe for keeps… 🙂

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Pork Ulathiyathu (Stir fried pork)- Kerala style

Relocating to a new place on transfer is like pressing the reset button. Gotta start all over again!! I feel like Alice in Wonderland, especially when it comes to the source of my food supplies. As I slowly started to explore the markets for ingredients for my recipes, it dawned on me to try somethi

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Malai Kofta (Fried cottage cheese balls in a cream based gravy)

The word ‘Kofta’ is derived from the persian word ‘Kuftan’, which means to beat or to grind (Courtesy: Wikipedia). Kofta is popular in the Middle East as well as in South Asia. There are lots of variations of kofta, from meat based to pure vegetarian versions. The recipe I am sharing with you today

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Shahi Paneer

Lately, life has become hectic as I am busy packing for our move next month. The funny part is that while I am trying to pack, my mind drifts towards the blogpost and while I am in front of the computer, the thought of packing takes center stage….. 🙂 Even though I tried a lot of recipes from var

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Pulissery/Moru Curry (A Curry made with Buttermilk and Ground Coconut)

Moru is the Malayalam word for Buttermilk. This curry is a blend of Buttermilk/Curd with ground coconut and cooked vegetables like yam, raw plantain, ash gourd etc. This is one of our favourite Kerala curries, which goes well with rice. This curry is made at almost all Keralite households even thoug

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Sindhi Biryani

The first time I ever heard of Sindhi Biryani was while watching the programme ‘Food Safari’ on TV. I have been looking forward to make this Biryani for a long time, and what betteroccasionthan for Lunch on New Years’ Day. As soon as I was finished with taking pictures, J asked me to serve it immedi

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