Cumin powder

Spicy Baby Potato Fry

The other day, I had bought some potatoes thinking of making something to go with Grilled chicken. Just when I was about to start the marination of chicken, D came and asked what I was …

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Ayam Goreng Berampah (Malaysian Spicy Fried Chicken)

Had it not been for my father’s encouragement, I wouldn’t have turned out to be so passionate about cooking. So this time, when they were visitng us, I had made up my mind to cook …

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Murg Musallam

After a couple of futile attempts at making a fabulous Murg Musallam, I had almost given up the idea of attempting again. The other day I had bought a whole chicken. While scouring through recipes, …

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Kumbilappam/ Chakkayappam (Jack fruit Dumplings)

  Chakkayappam is commonly made snack, at most homes in Kerala during the Jackfruit season. These are dumplings made out of jackfruit puree, jaggery, coconut and rice. The mixture is wrapped with Indian Bay leaves(Cinnamomum …

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Aam Panna (Raw Mango Drink)

Summer is here. A cool refreshing drink is what we yearn for, during this season. D’s request for refreshing drink always keep me on my toes. With the easy availability of mangoes, I prefer to make …

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Sindhi Biryani

The first time I ever heard of Sindhi Biryani was while watching the programme ‘Food Safari’ on TV. I have been looking forward to make this Biryani for a long time, and what betteroccasionthan for Lunch on New Years’ Day. As soon as I was finished with taking pictures, J asked me to serve it immedi

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