Fenugreek powder

Matar Mushroom- Chettinad Style

Here is a recipe for those who are looking for a variation from the usual Matar Mushroom. I got the recipe from acbistro

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Kadumanga/Kaduku manga (Kerala Style Mango Pickle )

Onam is just around the corner. Kadukumanga is one of a must have pickle in Onam Sadya, the traditional feast. What I like the most about this pickle is the crunchines of the mango pieces. This pickle is very easy to prepare. Kaduku manga (Kerala Style Mango Pickle )

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Meen Pattichathu/Vattichathu (Spicy Kerala Fish Curry)

Meen Pattichathu/Vattichathu is a spicy fish curry, a traditional Syrian Christian dish. This is fiery red curry which is hot as well as tangy. The trick involved in this dish is using Kashmiri red chilli powder, which is mild in heat but gives a bright red colour.

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Pulissery/Moru Curry (A Curry made with Buttermilk and Ground Coconut)

Moru is the Malayalam word for Buttermilk. This curry is a blend of Buttermilk/Curd with ground coconut and cooked vegetables like yam, raw plantain, ash gourd etc. This is one of our favourite Kerala curries, which goes well with rice. This curry is made at almost all Keralite households even thoug

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