Ghee butter

Guncha-O-Bahar (Cauliflower in an almond based gravy)

Awadhi cuisine is famous for its richness in its ingredients. Guncha-O-Bahar is a dish comprising of cauliflower dum-cooked in a rich gravy. I found this recipe in the Jiggs Kalra collection of recipes. I was not sure if my boys would like it, but decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, they both liked it. I halved the quantity of the cauliflower used in the original recipe. However, I followed the measurement in the original recipe for the gravy.

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Sukhiyan (Deep Fried Sweet Mung Bean Balls)

Sukhiyan is a popular teatime snack of Kerala. This snack is pretty easy to make.The recipe is taken from the book of the famous cooking expert of Kerala, the late Mrs K.M. Mathew This recipe yields approximately 20 sukhiyans Sukhiyan (Deep Fried Sweet Mung Bean Balls) Source: Mrs K.M. Mathew

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Beef Cooked in Green Masala

Beef cooked in green masala is something I whipped up while I was in an experimental mood. This can be served as a starter as well Beef Cooked in Green Masala

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Parippu Payasam/ Parippu Pradhaman (Mung bean lentils cooked with jaggery and Coconut Milk)

Payasam or Pradhaman is one of the must have desserts of any Kerala Sadya, a vegetarian feast. There are varieties of pradhamans like Ada Pradhaman, Parippu Pradhaman, PaaladaPradhaman etc. The recipe I am sharing here is that ofParippu Pradhaman,made with Mung bean lentils cooked with Coconut mi

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Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)… a North Indian Sweet Dish

It was ‘celebration time’ in our householdyesterdaywhen J got the admission offer from the prestigious Indian School of Business. Such occasions call for a sweet treat and the first thing that came to my mind was Gajar Ka Halwa….a sweet dish made of grated carrots cooked in milk. Having a bowl of

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