Grated fresh coconut

Coconut Chutney

Any person who loves his/her Idlis, Dosas and Vadas could not possibly eat it without the chutney. The varieties of chutney that can be served with Idli/Dosa/Vada is endless. You can find a few of …

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Coriander Mint Coconut Chutney

For a South Indian, Chutney is a ‘must-have’ accompaniment for Idli or Dosa. There are a lot of varieties of Chutneys. Coriander Mint Coconut Chutney is the one I prepare often at home. It was …

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Matar Mushroom- Chettinad Style

Here is a recipe for those who are looking for a variation from the usual Matar Mushroom. I got the recipe from acbistro

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