Lemon grass

Thai Prawn Noodle Soup

The rainy season is here. I love sitting in my balcony, watching the plants and trees swaying with happiness, while it rains. Sipping some hot tea takes the pleasure a notch higher. Once you are done with the tea, you start feeling a bit cold. Slowly, you curl up…lethargy creeps in…Now all you want to do is get inside that cosy blanket, neatly folded and placed on the bed. Sounds like a familiar scene ? That’s what happens with me most of the time. But then you can’t get the lethargy grow into you so much that you don’t have…

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Spicy Thai Chicken Soup

Thanks to the climate change, I had been down with a bout of cold, cough and fever for the past week. While sipping my evening tea and admiring my plants, I realised that I haven’t used the lemongrass from my garden yet. The first thought came into mind was Thai soup. Thankfully I had almost all the

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