Masamman Curry..Bring home a piece of Thailand.. :-)

Masamman Curry is a typical Southern Thai dish, which can be prepared with any meat or Tofu. Ever since I saw this dish being made in an episode of Masterchef Australia, I decided to make it myself. I don’t know how authentic it tastes. We had it with rice and loved it. I got the recipe from Real Th

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Gingerbread Cookies..Let’s Welcome Christmas!!!

Christmas is just around the corner. When a festive day is fastapproaching, the question you are asked the most is “What are you making special for the occasion?” Even though I haven’t really given it a thought, I was sure of making gingerbread cookies this time. This has been in my to-do list for q

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Apple Cider Doughnut

A friend of mine had requested me for doughnut recipe and D had mentioned that I haven’t made doughnuts lately. I wanted to finish off the apples piled upin my fruit basket as well. I was in two minds. Should I go ahead with the doughnuts or make something with the apples. Who else to turn to but my

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ABC….Apple Banana Cupcakes :-)

Looking at the piled up fruit basket, I realised that I need to use it up fast before it rots. As it is, something had to be made for D as his evening snack. Now the challenge was to find a recipe that calls for apples as well as bananas. With our dearest Google search, it won’t be that challenging,

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