Special Pork Masala

I had taken a break from blogging as I wanted to give all my support to D, who was preparing for his board as well as entrance exams. Once the exams were done, it was …

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Kachchi Gosht Biryani

Those who have been following this blog regularly, would be well aware of my penchant for Biryani. I have tried out quite a few variations. However, one style I was always apprehensive of preparing was the Kachchi Gosht Biryani. In this preparation, the meat is marinated, preferably overnight, and then cooked on Dum along with 3/4th cooked rice. My concern was whether the meat and rice would be rightly cooked. This time, I decided to put my apprehensions aside and give it a go. What I liked about the recipe was its simplicity of preparation. The only time consuming activity…

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Spicy Malvani/Malwani Chicken Curry

Malvani Chicken curry is a dish from the Malwan area of the Konkan region. Like other South Indian cuisines, Malwani cuisine also uses coconut liberally in their dishes. I got this recipe from NDTV Cooks. This dish goes well with Rice as well as Indian rotis. I couldn’t click all the step-by step pictures of this dish due to some technical reasons. I promise to update the post with the remaining pictures subsequently.

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Pandhi/Pandi Curry- Coorgi Style slow cooked Pork Curry

Despite being a pure non vegetarian, pork is one meat which is hardly bought by us. The hesitation is always because I am a bit concerned about the quality of the meat. After talking to a lot of fellow foodies, found a reliable place to get pork. Coorgi Style Pork has been on my “top to- do Pork

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Prawn Baffad

The other day while I was scanning through a lifestyle magazine I came across the name Prawn Baffad. The name itself sounds from outer space. A quick search and my thoughts were transferred to this coastal Indian city of Goa. You guessed it right!!! Its a Goan dish. Goa is famous,amongother things,

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Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice is a nice way to put some thing on the table when I feel plain lazy, especially on aSundaymorning. It is anextremely easy to make dish and can see me through the day. You can eat it plain, but a spoon of prawn pickle would get its taste over the roof. 🙂 Tomato Rice

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Shahi Paneer

Lately, life has become hectic as I am busy packing for our move next month. The funny part is that while I am trying to pack, my mind drifts towards the blogpost and while I am in front of the computer, the thought of packing takes center stage….. 🙂 Even though I tried a lot of recipes from var

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Mangalorean Mutton Curry

When we were kids we used to enjoy ‘Star-lit Dinner’ once in a while. We, along with our parents, would carry dinner to the terrace and enjoy the food under the ‘Stars’. Later we all would lie down, watch the stars and sing old songs. Those were the good old days!!! It was for one of those ‘Star-lit

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