Sliced shallots

Chakka Vevichathu/ Chakka Puzhukku with Dehydrated Jackfruit

It feels good to be back into blogging. The past few months had been a bit too hectic for me that I decided to take a break from blogging. I was really touched when some …

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J never really liked Upma. Over these years, the only time I saw him devouring Upma, was during our trip to Kothagiri. We were staying at J’s company guest house. The in-house cook Raju, made …

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Parippu Thenga Arachu Vachathu (Moong Lentil Curry with Ground Coconut)

Parippu Thenga Arachu Vachathu or Parippu Curry is one of the must-have dishes for any Kerala style vegetarian Sadya (feast). Rice with a ladlefulof this curry topped with a spoonful of warm clarified butter is a meal I would die for. Its the clarified butter which gives this dish that distinctive

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Chicken Stew/Ishtu (Kerala Style)

Stew or Ishtu is a preferred accompaniment for Appams (Hoppers), a traditional breakfast item in Kerala. Appam-Stew combination is generally served as one of the courses in feasts. The Stew goes well with plain bread as well You can prepare vegetarian as well as non vegetarian versions of the stew,

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