My interview in a Malayalam Magazine… :-)

This time before heading home for my vacations, I had received a message on my Facebook page. The person mentioned that they would like to do an article on me for their Malayalam magazine Snehitha. Initially when I read it, I thought that they wanted me to write a column. I was surprised when I re-read the message. They wanted to do an interview with me. What??? Interview ??? With me?? These were my reactions. After consulting with J, I gave the green signal. I had completely forgotten about this till I got a call from Seema, the senior reporter of Snehitha magazine. It took me a while to accept the fact I am going to be interviewed. I felt truly humbled.
The D-day arrived. J and D accompanied me to the interview which was taking place in the magazine office. Seema, the reporter who interviewed me came across as a warm person. She made us feel so comfortable that we felt that we were meeting a friend after a long time. Some casual talk preceded the interview ,wherein we got to know that Seema is an avid wildlife photographer as well. After the interview, she took us to a nearby garden to click some pictures. It was a wonderful experience altogether. The next day, Seema promptly sent some of our snaps which she had clicked the previous day.
Now was the waiting period. I was looking forward to see the article. So imagine my happiness when I saw the pdf format of the interview in my inbox today morning !!! I was experiencing an emotional roller coaster while reading the article. All I could do was thank God Almighty for blessing me and also thank each and everyone who were directly or indirectly involved in helping me achieve whatever I have today. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all your encouragement and support. Those who can read Malayalam can have a look at the article. 🙂 Till the next post…Cheers !!!!

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