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Homemade Grape Wine

Cheers to New Year !! A year of health and happiness, wealth and wisdom, peace and prosperity, glee and glow and love and laughter !! What better that a glass of wine to toast for a New Year ? My Mom always makes wine at home. I do not take wine and so never bothered to make them myself. Quite a lot


  • 1 kg Black Grapes
  • 1 kg Sugar
  • 1 - 1/2 litres water Boiled and cooled (1.5 litres)
  • 1 teaspoon Yeast
  • 1 tablespoon wheat Crushed (optional)
  • 1 inch Cinnamon
  • a few Clove


  • Wash the grapes very well.
  • Crush them with your hands very well and put in the desired container along with sugar, water, wheat, yeast, cinnamon, cloves (if using) and stir well.
  • For those who want to have darker shade for the wine caramelise a 1/2 cup sugar till achieve a dark brown colour.
  • Add a little bit of water, to make it a liquid consistency.
  • Allow to cool and add to the grape mixture.
  • Cover the mouth of the container preferably with a cloth.
  • Stir the mixture every day for 4 days, using a wooden spoon.
  • You stir and cover the container.
  • Next day give a stir again and cover.Continue for 4 days.
  • Leave the container untouched for the next days.
  • On the 21st day open the container and strain the liquid.
  • Transfer to sterilized bottles, preferably coloured glass bottles.It is said that coloured bottles retain the colour of the wine.