Ghati Paneer

Ghati Paneer 2

It’s time for our next move and my current mission is to finish off all the grocery items in the kitchen. One among the grocery list was my recent favourite Goda masala. I was looking to use this for a paneer preparation and found the recipe in no time. Time for some Sanjeev Kapoor magic !!! Got the thumbs up from my boys :) What else do I need ??

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Dragon Chicken

Dragon chicken

Dragon Chicken is an Indo-Chinese recipe. This dish can be served as a starter as well as a side dish to go with Fried Rice. Continue Reading »

Honey Chilli potato1

Honey Chilli Potato is one of D’s favourite snacks. We had tried the dish at a nearby restaurant and loved it. Couple of days later, D requested me to make them at home. He was confident that I would be able to pull it off. Keeping my apprehensions aside, I gave it a shot, which proved fruitful. Continue Reading »

POtato Goda masala

Here is a simple and easy to make dish that you can prepare in a jiffy. Continue Reading »

Ghee Cake

Ghee cake 1

Though I have had Ghee Cake a lot, especially during visits to relatives back in Kerala, I never really got to make them myself. Just as I was racking my brains as to what to make for the evening, my eyes fell on the jar of ghee. Ghee Cake it is !!! Having made up my mind to try this, I took out all the ingredients, only to realise that I was falling short of flour. Hmm.. Experimenting time. I decided to use half flour and half of the multigrain Atta I had with me. The result was a soft, tasty cake…close to the ones I had tasted.  I guess next time I will try using flour only to see the difference. I was happy with the cake, more so, when I saw J gobbling them away . :) Continue Reading »

Murgh Nizami

Murg Nizami1

Murgh Nizami is a mild, rich, creamy chicken dish from the land of Nizams. This dish goes well with Rotis. Continue Reading »

Bagare Baingan 1

Bagara Baingan is an authentic Hyderabadi side dish, that goes well with Biryani, rice and even roti. Though I have stayed in Hyderabad for over 4 years, during different postings, I never really bothered to taste Bagara Baingan. It was more due to the fact that I had a dislike for eggplants/ brinjals. Few years back, I happened to taste this at my dear friend Sridevi Chechi’s place and took an instant liking to it. On enquiring, she shared her recipe with me, which I have been following eversince. Continue Reading »