Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice cream

Few years back Ice cream used to be a standard dessert at home. The recipe I followed back then had ingredients like GMS etc. Once we moved to some remote location, where such ingredients were unheard of, I stopped making. The urge to make ice cream also died down with it. Recently I came across a post fom my friend Shilpa who whipped up amazing ice cream with just 3 ingredients. The best part was it didn’t have any emulsifiers. Having made a note of it, I was just waiting for the right time. More then making it, I was eager to see the texture of it after freezing. When I served it to my boys, J was enquiring if it was store bought ? Woohooo !! I was thanking Shilpa a thousand times for this wonderful recipe. Continue Reading »

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Methi Malai Murg is a simple North Indian preparation of Chicken. The words Methi, Malai and Murg stands for Fenugreek, Cream and Chicken respectively. This is a recipe I came acoss a couple of years ago and got hooked on to it. Pretty simple preparation and tasty too. Continue Reading »

Crispy okra

Here’s the recipe of Crispy Okra with Peanuts and Cashew nuts, that can be served as a starter or a side dish.
Continue Reading »

Prawn pickle

Quite a few of my readers have been asking for the recipe of Prawn Pickle. So here comes the recipe :) Continue Reading »


One thing I like about being in Chennai is the fact that we get readymade Idli/ Dosa batter, which comes handy in case of emergencies. We always prefer to have coconut chutney with Idlis. Once I decided to experient and went about adding whatever I felt like. To cut the story short, this has turned out to be one of our favourite chutneys. Continue Reading »

Ande ka meetha

“Sweet dish made of egg” is the literal translation of Ande ka meetha. When I first heard of the name, I was intrigued and so noted down the recipe. Couple of days back, I finally got some time to try out the dish. The crux of making this dessert is continuous stirring of the mixture for almost an hour. My excitement to see the outcome was so much that I didn’t realise time fly..nor did I feel tired :) Once the dish was done, I just couldn’t wait for it to cool down. This was the time where I actually felt every second ticking by. :) After ensuring that I got the right shots(pictures), came the taste test. I was in for a pleasant surprise. There was no “eggy” smell or taste to it. When my boys tasted it, they thought it was milk cake. The icing on the cake was when J asked “You really made this?” Wow!! What more could I ask for ?? Continue Reading »


During our drive from Hyderabad to Chennai, we had stopped over for lunch at a vegetarian hotel and ordered for meals. The waiter, who served us were guiding us about how to have our meal. First part of the meal was to eat rice with a powder along with ghee. On enquiring, I was told that it is Paruppupodi (powdered lentils with spices). Before the meal was finished, I had already added Paruppupodi to my “to-do list”.
I came across a lot of variations of Paruppupodi and decided to follow my maid’s recipe :) Continue Reading »