eral masala2

Lately, I have been thinking of ways to use up the Karaikudi Masala Powder in my pantry. So when I got some prawns, I didn’t have to think twice about what to make. Presenting my version of Karaikudi Eral Masala :) Continue Reading »

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Rasgulla/Rosogolla is one of the most popular Bengali sweets. I always thought that making these would be a tough task till I tried them sometime back. Though it is pretty easy to prepare, there are few things one needs to keep in mind while preparing it. This sweet dish cannot be consumed soon after preparing it. It needs at least 3-5 hours to get the right taste. The more you let it rest the tastier it would be. I prefer to keep mine overnight. This recipe yields around 12-18 rasgullas. Continue Reading »


Masala Vada is a popular South Indian snack which has gained popularity in other parts of the country as well. Ideally the vadas are made with ginger in it, but I have used garlic as I love the garlic taste. You may choose either to suit your taste. I have mentioned the quantity to be used. Continue Reading »

Punjabi Chole

punjabi chole

I love Chole. Though my favourite preparation is Pindi Chole, I like to try out other preparations as well. While searching for a different recipe, I found the Punjabi Chole recipe by Aditya Bal and felt that I should give it a go. Continue Reading »


Koottu is popular side dish of Tamil Nadu which is made of vegetable and lentils. Here is the recipe of Pudulangai-Kondai kadalai Koottu, which goes very well with Rice. You can use any vegetable in place of snake gourd and any lentil in place of Bengal gram. Continue Reading »

Beef varattiyathu

Beef has always made me go weak in the knees. Though beef can be prepared a lot many ways, my favourite has to be the Varattiyathu with coconut bits in it. The only problem is that this recipe is definitely NOT meant for the diet conscious people, due to the amount of oil that goes into making it. I don’t make this dish too often for the same reason. But it’s okay to indulge to such treats once in a bluemoon :) The meat I have used is buffalo meat. For some unknown reason, buffalo meat is known as Beef in Kerala. Continue Reading »

Aval Vilayichathu

aval vilayichathu1

Aval Vilayichathu is a popular sweet snack of Kerala, made with beaten rice, coconut and jaggery. This is one snack I used to enjoy as a kid. The recipe I am sharing is the one I noted down while my Mom was preparing it. Continue Reading »