Pandhi curry

In spite of being a pure non vegetarian, pork is one meat which is hardly bought by us. The hesitation is always because I am a bit concerned about the quality of the meat. After talking to a lot of fellow foodies, found a reliable place to get pork. Coorgi Style Pork has been on my “top to- do Pork dishes list” and so didn’t have to struggle with the “what to make syndrome” :P Continue Reading »

Chettinad Seiva meen

Saiva Meen Kulambu is a Chettinad gravy, where in cow peas is ground and steamed and cut into pieces, which resembles fish slices.Contradictory to its name meen, which means fish, this dish doesn’t have any fish at all. I was intrigued by this dish when I came across the recipe some time back in a food group. As quite a few of my readers had requested to put up some lent special dishes, I decided to give this one a try. Continue Reading »

karimeen pollichathu

We Keralites love our Karimeen (pearl spot) in any form. Karimeen Pollichathu is one such traditional delicacy of Kerala that is recommended to majority of the tourists visiting God’s own country. Though we usually prepare Karimeen this way, one can use pomfret or any firm fleshed fish. I have always loved this dish, but never could prepare at home as Pearl spot wasn’t easily available. Though I could have used pomfet, I wanted to stick to the traditional way of using Karimeen. So the other day when I came across the name Pearl spot on the product list of a fishery, I didn’t hesitate to order a kilo of it. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Got well cleaned fresh fish. Thankfully I didn’t have to rack my brains over what to prepare. Continue Reading »


Trying to keep up to D’s request for “refreshing drinks”, I have been on the lookout for a drink that was different. This landed me on ‘Otai, a Polynesian drink, from Tonga. The meaning of the word “Otai is “go-to-ocean”. For those who are looking for something different from the usual watermelon juice, you should give this a try. I got the recipe from Global Adventure. Continue Reading »


Profiteroles has been in my to-do list for a real long time. Somehow I kept postponing to a later time. The other day while watching some TV show, I was remimnded of this, and immeditaely felt that I should make it. Profiteroles, also known as cream puff is a French dessert. It is basically choux pastry ball, filled with either whipped cream, custard or ice cream and garnished with chocolate sauce, caramel or icing sugar. This is pretty much similar to the Chocolate ├ęclairs. Continue Reading »

Plum Mojito

Ever since D has come up with the request for refreshing drinks, I am constantly looking for ways to keep him happy. Serving him with a different drink each day ! The recipe I am sharing with you is a non alcoholic drink which can be easily whipped up at home. The original recipe calls for strawberry while I used plum instead. It didn’t take long for D to empty the pitcher. A wonderful drink to quench the thirsty souls. Continue Reading »

Spicy Crab Roast

crab roast

Eating crab is always a messy affair and hence we hesitate to help ourselves with the same while eating out. That’s not the case at home. One can get as messy as one likes. January- February is the ideal time to buy crabs as they have more flesh in it as compared to rest of the year. I got some 3 spotted crab the other day and decided to prepare the spicy version as D loves anything spicy. He loved the dish so much that he omitted the rice and helped himself with more of the crab. Here I was.. pleased as Punch :) Continue Reading »


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