Chettinad fish fry

My search for a ‘different type’ of fish fry recipe led me to this one. The ingredients looked so interesting that I decided to double the amount. I took half the masala and stored the remaining masala in an airtight container in the freezer. My parents were also with us to taste this new recipe and all of us loved it. A recipe for keeps. :) Continue Reading »

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Plum cake 1

Whenever anybody mentions ‘Plum Cake’, the first thought that comes to my mind is from my childhood days. Back in those days, for every Christian wedding, guests were served a piece of dark plum cake, neatly wrapped in a butter paper and sealed with a sticker bearing the name of the bakery. I developed a hatred for this cake, so much that I even refused to taste them, no matter who made it. Whenever my Mom made cakes during Christmas season, I would request her to bake a cake separately for me, minus the dark caramel and dried fruits, to which she always obliged. As time flew past, the intensity of my hatred reduced to dislike. However I always hesitated to bake plum cakes. Continue Reading »

Fish Moilee

Fish molee is a popular Kerala style preparation. This gravy goes well with Rice, hoppers as well as string hoppers. Continue Reading »


Being relatively new to Chennai, I am still in the process of learning the names of ingredients in Tamil. Sometimes, my maid gets me the freshest fish and our dicussions veers towards different Tamil dishes. One such dish that caught my fancy was Sura Puttu. Initially I thought that she was talking about Kerala’s popular breakfast Puttu. Only when she explained the process did I understand that it was totally different. Sura, in Tamil is Shark. Though ideally, this dish is to be prepared with Shark meat, I prepared it with Mackerel. This dish goes very well with rice. Continue Reading »

Goan Fish Curry

Goan fish curry1

I have so many recipes to be tried out in my “to-do” list. One such recipe was the Goan Fish Curry. So, this time when I bought fish, I didn’t have to rack my brain to decide which recipe to follow. As usual, I looked into Goan Food Recipes blog, my go-to space for any Goan recipes :) On reading through, I realised that the preparation is pretty much the same to Kerala Style Meen Maanga Thenga Arachu Vachathu. The only difference is that no curry leaves is used in the Goan preparation. Continue Reading »

Simple Paneer Curry

Simple Paneer

As a part of weekend clearing of my refrigerator, just before heading to Kerala on a short vacation last month, I decided to cook something with whatever was left. What I got was a pack of cottage cheese, couple of onions, tomatoes and some curd. I decided to whip up something by adding whatever I felt like adding along the way. The result was a simple and tasty Paneer curry with hot phulkas. Continue Reading »

Arcot Kuska/Kushka


The first time I heard the word “Kuska” was a few months back, while we were driving down from Hyderabad to Chennai. Before starting the journey early in the morning, we had decided on having breakfast at some decent restaurant. By the time we decided to stop for breakfast, we couldn’t find a “decent place”. As the hunger pangs started to rise with every kilometre, we stopped looking for “decent” place and instead settled for any¬†food place. :) After crossing a few kilometres, we found a dhaba. On enquiring, I was told they had only “Kuska”, which sounded like some alien thing to me. We decided to go further ahead, but got the same reply from the second shop as well.¬†Finally, we decided to stop at the third shop. I went upto them and asked what Kuska is and the cook promptly put a spoonful into a bowl and handed to me to taste. It was rice. On prodding, he said it was rice cooked in mutton broth but won’t have meat in it. Well, how could we say no to that ?? We ate to our heart’s content and I had made up my mind to recreate this at home, of course with some help from the ever resourceful Google :) After a few failed attempts, I finally found a recipe that was pretty close to what we ate. Continue Reading »


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