Kasi Halwa

Last week, we had attended a function, wherein we had tiffin meals. All the items served there was new to me as it was a typical Tamil feast. The first item served was a sweet. On enquiring with my friends, I was told that it is Kasi Halwa. I loved he taste so much that I had made up my mind to try this one at home at the earliest chance. More so, as it is a very easy to prepare dessert. Continue Reading »

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Onam is just around the corner. Kadukumanga is one of a must have pickle in Onam Sadya, the traditional feast. What I like the most about this pickle is the crunchines of the mango pieces. This pickle is very easy to prepare. Continue Reading »

Dal Bukhaara

Dal Bukhara

I have always wondered what the difference between Dal Makhani and dal Bukhaara is. After a lot of search I came across a write up by Vir Sanghvi on the same. According to him, Dal Makhani is made with Black gram, Bengal gram and Kidney grams, whereas Dal Bukhaara is made with just black gram. Another difference is the fact that Dal Bukhaara follows the slow cooking process while Dal Makhani doesn’t. Having made Dal Makhani quite a few times earlier, I decided to try out Dal Bukhaara. Continue Reading »

Karaikudi Chicken Fy

Couple of weeks back, we had visited a restaurant where we were served Karaikudi Kozhi Masala 65 as a starter. We enjoyed the dish so much that I had made up my mind to recreate the dish at the next opportunity. The first step towards the goal was to search for the recipe, but in vain. Not being a person who would give up that easily, I searched till I stumbled upon the recipe of Karaikudi Masala Powder. Hmm… I could start from there right? Soon after making the powder I went about with my experiment. The result? Lipsmacking !! The boys loved it. Continue Reading »

Karaikudi Masala

Here is the recipe of Karaikudi Masala Powder that can be used in preparing vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes. Continue Reading »

Fied squid rings

It was one of those days where my afternoon nap got a bit too long. When I woke up from my beauty sleep, I realised that I didn’t have much time left to make snacks for D. He would step into the house anytime. A panicked look into the refrigerator for some quick fix and I spotted my squid rings. I had prepped it for dinner. D loves squid in any form. So that was it..Batter fried Squid Rings for my boy.  Continue Reading »

Squid Masala

Squid masala 1

Here is the recipe of Squid masala, a spicy dish that goes well with rice. Continue Reading »